Refund Cancellation Policy

Odobit follows fair refund and cancellation policies. We offer a free or trial version with a validity for 15-days. The trial period begins immediately upon account activation and you will receive regular notifications regarding the date of trial expiration and upgradation. Our trial period will allow you to evaluate our software product with a restricted access to few features and you can upgrade your account to enjoy full access to all features. At any time during the free trial period, you are permitted to cancel the account and you will not be charged. We never demand for your credit card details during the trial period and your subscription gets automatically cancelled upon trial expiration.

If the period of free trial has expired, the Odobit account gets automatically deactivated and it permanently closes your account. You can prevent the deactivation by upgrading your account within the trial period itself either by using your credit card or through net banking. We charge and collect payments for the use of our service and your authorized credit card is subjected to charge upon usage. Once your account has been subjected to deactivation, you will not be able to reactivate it and you can get back to us by creating a new Odobit account.

How do I cancel my account?

If you wish to permanently delete your Odobit account, go to your Account settings and terminate your account. Once your account has been terminated, the process cannot be undone and all your data will get automatically removed from the system.